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Safeguard your Google Workspace and Microsoft 365 accounts against ransomware attack, and data leak and loss. Sign up now!
Spin Technology for Google Workspace
Your data is your responsibility; simplify your backup, archive, restore, data loss prevention, and data leak protection. Automate evaluation of applications and user behavior.
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All-in-One, fully automated, AI powered ransomware protection, backup and compliance.
Key Features:
  • SpinSecurity, SpinBackup, and SpinApp in One
  • Artificial Intelligence powered cloud ransomware detection
  • AI based ransomware recognition
  • Risky application scoring
  • Domain audit
  • Domain migration
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Ransomware protection for Google Workspace
Key Features:
  • Artificial Intelligence powered ransomware detection
  • 24x7x365 automated monitoring
  • AI based ransomware recognition
  • Alerts and Analytics
  • Stop the ransomware attack
  • Automated ransomware restore
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Cloud to cloud backup for Google Workspace
Key Features:
  • Automated backup
  • 99.99% restore
  • Deletion and Version control
  • Data encrypted in transit at rest
  • Fast search
  • Analytics and Reports
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Assess the business, security and compliance risks of third-party SaaS applications
Key Features:
  • Risk level of an application
  • Review user activities across your domain
  • Review how your data is being accessed and shared
  • Blacklist/Whitelist applications
  • Implement security policies
  • Identify connected devices
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